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Acquaviva Noleggio can provide different dimensions of bulldozers, from 10 ton to 30 ton, in different ways, versions and with different types of blade and rippers.

The different types of Acquaviva Noleggio’s bulldozers are able to do agriculture works, earth moving works, levelling works, ripper works and more.

Bulldozer’s rent can be done only without operator and can be charged depending on costumer’s needs. 

It is also possibile to rent bulldozers for long period, keeping costs permanent

Acquaviva Noleggio guarantees to all its costumers new generation bulldozers, reliable, safe and always correctly mainteined.


Different ways to rent a bulldozer

Daily Rent
Weekly Rent
Monthly Rent
Yearly Rent
Long period Rent

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Name: Filippo
Surname: Acquaviva
Phone: +39 335 7861191
Email: info@acquavivanoleggio.it


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